Earth Day Edition Reusable Challenge

Happy Earth Day everyone! We’re excited to kick off another Reusable Challenge for 2012′s Earth Day. Now, we know, everyday is earth day but we’re inviting all of you to really commit to kicking the plastic habit. So, starting Earth Day, April 22nd, we’re asking you to pledge to say no to plastic water bottles, styrofoam containers and plastic bags. Simple, right!? Follow us on our Facebook page for tips, prizes and encouragement as we all do our part for the environment!


21DRC at Summer X Games 17!

Summer X Games is known for a lot of things, and now it’s known for one more…being sustainable. The fine people over at ESPN and X Games have been making a serious effort to green their events and also leave every attendee with an understanding of how they can minimize their impact.

This summer ESPN had their “Environmentality” booth which was focused specifically on education and “Call to Action”. The education component was around understanding how to properly dispose of and recycle disposable products (plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc) to keep them our of our landfills and waterways, as well an understanding that there are amazing alternatives to these disposables (reusable bottles, bags, and food containers).

Now armed with knowledge about how our consumer habits effect the planet, ESPN worked with Gretchen Bleiler and the 21 Day Reusable Challenge to encourage these fans to join in and take a simple 21 days to get off disposables! With over 500 people taking the challenge, these next 21 days are going to give Mother Nature a nice break.

Thanks to ESPN and thanks to all those who stepped up to take the challenge! We’ll be tracking your progress, and as always, giving out prizes to those who can use their social network to inspire their friends and family to do the same. Good job everyone!


Earth Day Reusable Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to all the Earth Day Reusable Challenge winners! There were so many great submissions and ideas on how to be reusable in a disposable world! So, without further ado here are you top five winners! Everyone will receive an Alex Bottle and the top three will win prize packs with products from K2 Snowboards, Mission Skincare, Oakley, HDX Mix and Holga!

Congratulations to Hien Pham, our big winner for really taking the challenge to the next level, documenting every step and getting creative. Check out her amazing video on the 21 Day Reusable Challenge Facebook page.

And congratulations to Graham Kunde our runner up and Shannon Marie Mauro who was a close third. Sarah Martin and Jessica Lampert will be receiving ALEX bottles for their efforts as well! We’re so proud of all our eco-warriors out there, thanks so much for taking the challenge and paying it forward!


21 Day Reusable Challenge Prizes

The Earth Day Edition of the 21 Day Challenge is coming to a close and we have tons of prizes to give away to all our you, our Eco-Warriors! All you have to do is post on our Facebook Page a photo, video, story, skit, song etc. about you’re experience with the challenge. Get creative and you could win….

a K2 Snowboard and boots, from the Eco Collection of course!Oakley outerwear, street wear, goggles and sunglasses.The CLEANable, comPACKable, customSIZEable Alex Bottles!The ever so artsy, signature Gretchen Bleiler Holga Camera!The HDX Mix, for eco friendly hydration on the go!A $100 Mission Skincare Gift card!

Happy Posting!


More Cities Attempt To Ban The Bag

Evanston, Illinois is looking to be the first city in Illinois to ban plastic bags. The proposal is still in the early stages but we’re hoping that Evanston, will join cities like San Fransisco and Washington, DC in the rally to ban plastic bags. Click here for the complete story.


Check out our new PSA!

Gretchen Bleiler breaks down the 21 Day Reusable Challenge in this new PSA. Check it out and pass it on.

21 Day Reusable Challenge PSA


Sea World Bans Plastic Bags

Sea World announced that it will stop using plastic bags at it’s San Diego park starting June 18th, hoping to eliminate 1 million plastic bags from ending up in our oceans. Shamu flipped out when he heard the news….. Check out CBS News for more details.


K2 Snowboards Takes The Challenge

We’re so excited about all the people who’ve committed to the Earth Day Edition of the 21 Day Reusable Challenge. All of Gretchen’s sponsor have been supporting the challenge since the beginning and are now creating their own office challenges. Oakley and ALEX Bottle are doing office wide reusable challenges, while K2 Snowboards has added a twist to their challenge. They’re asking each of their employees to take a photo of themselves every time they use a reusable water bottle at the water cooler. The employee with the most posts and the most creative photos wins a bunch of K2 cash as well as being the most hydrated person in the office! Here are a few of the snaps of the water cooler antics so far. Let us know how you’re making the 21 Day Reusable Challenge your own!


21 Day Reusable Challenge – Earth Day Edition!

There’s no better day to make the resolution to be more eco-minded then Earth Day, so we have decided to kick off another edition of the 21 Day Reusable Challenge from April 22nd to May 6th! This is your chance to show Ms. Earth how much you really appreciate her…and if you’re feeling really grateful, then give the fine folks at your workplace a nudge and have them join in to. It’s way more fun, and while we can’t guarantee it, you’ll probably get a promotion with a huge raise for demonstrating your leadership skills and that real go-getter flare.

Remember, being a part of the challenge is the first step, and spreading the word is the next! Tell your friends and family and get your community involved. Use your power to inspire others. Good hustle everyone!


We Facebook Now.

That’s right…we’ve officially set up our Facebook page at facebook.com/21dayreusablechallenge. While we love to recycle, we will not just be recycling content from this website and posting it to Facebook…you’ll get new tips, giveaways, inspirational stories and you’ll look like a Earth loving citizen of…well, Earth. Your next challenge should you choose to accept it: like us on Facebook! Thanks for your support!

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